June 16, 2023

Congratulations on your engagement! What an exciting time. Whether you’ve landed on this blog post because you’re searching for wedding venues or simply want to learn more about micro weddings, we’re glad you’re here.

At Pointe D’Vine, one of our main goals is to help couples experience a stress-free wedding planning process. The best part of your wedding? You can plan it exactly the way YOU want it to be! For some couples, that means hosting a smaller guest list with a more intimate experience – also known as a micro wedding.

What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings are usually smaller, more intimate events that still capture the essence of a traditional wedding. Typically, they involve only close family and friends, with a maximum guest list of around 50 people. These intimate events have become increasingly popular for several reasons, some of which we’ll detail below.

Budget Friendly

Cost is one of the biggest contributing factors when deciding on how many guests to invite. Micro weddings are generally more affordable than larger weddings, making them an ideal choice for couples on a tighter budget.

A smaller guest list means a more intimate space, fewer vendors, and less food and drink. It also means you’ll have room to splurge on other aspects of your wedding, such as a venue with picturesque views or a more expensive entertainment package. You can even skip some traditional wedding expenses to focus more on a personalized experience. This budget-friendly option allows couples to spend money on what matters most to them.


If the thought of greeting and thanking hundreds of guests overwhelms you, a micro wedding with your closest friends and family may be the better option for you. Micro weddings create an intimate atmosphere that can be challenging to replicate in larger events. A large guest list is more likely to be chaotic with multiple noises and conversations happening all at the same time. Having fewer people present, it creates an atmosphere that encourages conversation and connection between those attending.

The Pointe D’Vine Ancestral Barn is our most popular location for a micro wedding. Its cozy, intimate ambiance with scenic views makes it a picture-perfect venue with a luxury feel. The Hilltop is also available to rent for a small wedding ceremony or reception. Our micro-wedding prices differ for each location, so please reach out to us directly for more information.


Do you want the flexibility of celebrating your wedding on a specific date, even if that date falls on a random Tuesday? At Pointe D’Vine, micro weddings can be scheduled for any day of the week.

A small guest list is easier to accommodate, and our experiences with local vendors and wedding planners allow us to provide an exceptional recommendation list. Couples looking for a shorter wedding timeline can also benefit from a micro wedding, as it can normally be organized quicker than large ceremonies and receptions.

Have a specific caterer in mind? Some caterers don’t have the staff or resources to provide food for hundreds of people. Booking the caterer you want usually isn’t an issue for a party of 50 or less (pending availability, of course). You may even be able to choose a more extravagant caterer within your budget as your number of plates is smaller.

A growing number of couples are opting for flexibility for their wedding, especially when it comes to budget, dates, and food. Our wedding venue planners are experts at helping couples effectively allocate their budget. We’ll create an event plan, and prioritize the parts of your wedding ceremony or reception that mean the most to you.


From large gatherings with hundreds of people to micro celebrations with intimate guest experiences, Pointe D’Vine strives to make every wedding an elegant, memorable event. Our staff is on-hand and ready to help arrange the wedding venue of your dreams. We welcome you to celebrate your union in one of our rustic and chic event spaces on the beautiful bluffs of the Mississippi River.

Give us a call at 217.656.3056 or send us an email us for more wedding information, pricing, and packages.