January 31, 2024

A new year is an opportunity for new beginnings. While winter weddings may not be the most popular choice, there’s something magical about a January wedding.

January is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, and your wedding can symbolize just that. At Pointe D’Vine, we believe in creating enchanting experiences, no matter the season.

Here are a few ways a winter wedding can be extra special for you and your partner.

1. Off-Season Benefits

One of the major off-season benefits of a January wedding is venue availability. Peak wedding season is during summer and fall, and securing your dream venue during those seasons can be challenging.

Venues are often more available in the winter months. You’ll receive the same great service and accommodations without statistically having to worry about multiple couples wanting a specific date. Plus, some vendors may have more affordable off-season rates than peak-season rates. Couples can stand out from the norm while still planning all the traditional elements and festivities expected from a wedding.

2. Photography Opportunities

Winter weddings offer a unique photography setting. The winter sunshine and rays through the bare trees provide lighting opportunities, and the charm of winter creates a breathtaking backdrop for your photographs. Snow-covered landscapes and evergreen trees create a gleaming winter wonderland look. Early sunsets give you ample time for golden-hour pictures.

The wedding colors you choose can create a contrast against the brightness of winter (even without snow). Some of the most popular winter wedding colors that stand out against a bright background include:

  • Emerald Green
  • Maroon or Plum
  • Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Ruby Red
  • Gold
  • Burnt Copper
  • Blush Pink

Feel free to experiment with other colors not on this list. Your wedding is your day. Do whatever makes you happy!

3. Themes

The holidays are over, and January is the perfect time to experiment with fresh themes and decor. Winter weddings can draw inspiration from the season itself, bringing in elements like evergreen boughs, pine cones, and winter berries. Snowflakes, metallic tones, and frosted blues add noticeable accent touches.

Other themes you can play around with include:

Cozy Cabin – Perfect for a smaller, intimate guest list. Consider plaid patterns, battery-lit candles and tea lights, and hot cocoa bars. Stay away from any real fire though – it can be a hazard!

cozy cabin wedding theme

Winter Wonderland – One of the most popular winter wedding themes. Create a mystical fairy tale atmosphere with snowflake-shaped decorations, icy elements, and a cool blue and white color palette. Consider an ice sculpture as a luxurious touch, especially for the cocktail hour.

winter wonderland wedding theme

New Beginnings – Celebrate the start of a new chapter in life. Draw inspiration from the tranquility and purity of winter with a blend of cool whites, icy blues, and sparkling silver grays. Soft emerald greens and golds represent growth and prosperity.

new beginnings wedding theme

Sparkling Celebration – Embrace the magic and sparkle of winter with a nod to the glimmering frost, twinkling stars, and soft glow of firelight. Decorations should be abundant with sparkle and shine. Consider shimmering cocktails (or mocktails), crystal tableware, a sequin table runner on the head table, and centerpieces featuring glass orbs or baubles. Twinkling fairy lights wrapped around faux trees would contribute to the magical atmosphere.

sparkling celebration wedding theme

Black & White – Integrate black and white decorations for a sophisticated, chic theme. This classic color duo infuses winter events with monochromatic magic that’s both striking and stylish. Use decorations like white table cloths with black runners, black lanterns, pinecones sprayed with black or white, and white flowers with black accents.

black and white wedding theme

Nature – Take decoration inspiration from the outdoor elements around you. Sustainable decor, like real or faux greenery for non-floral decor, is a strong trend this year. Incorporate winter blooms into decor aspects, from a floral wedding arch to table decorations. The color palette can include deep reds, purples, forest greens, and whites. Use miniature trees, pinecones, or branches as table centerpieces for a rustic and natural feel.

nature wedding theme

Bright & Bold Colors – Celebrate the love in the air by featuring bold colors and red accents for a pop of color against the white winter backdrop. Red can be incorporated in various ways, such as table runners, flowers, or even the bride’s shoes. Humorous-themed parties can also incorporate bright and bold colors into their small or large events!

bright and bold wedding theme

Mix and match themes, or create a new one of your own. Get creative and have fun!


At Pointe D’Vine, we specialize in designing unforgettable experiences. We’re passionate about helping couples plan magical wedding celebrations that fit their unique vision. We hope this blog has inspired you in your winter wedding planning process.

Are you looking for a beautiful winter wedding venue in Quincy, IL? The Hilltop at Pointe D’Vine provides the perfect blank canvas to decorate for the winter season. Contact us today at 217.656.3056 to book your January 2025 wedding.