September 30, 2023

In early September, we hosted our very first Farm-to-Table dinner experience, and we could not be more thrilled with the turnout!

Our vineyard was transformed into a culinary oasis. Beautiful piano music filled the air as we welcomed guests to their seats. From the delightful ambiance to the aroma of freshly prepared food, we hoped to make this night one that our guests truly enjoyed.

In this blog post, we want to share with you our experience and the highlights of the first of many Farm-to-Table dinners hosted by Pointe D’Vine.

What is a Farm-to-Table Dinner?

Before we go over the events of our own Farm-to-Table dinner, we want to take a moment to talk about the significance of hosting a community-based dinner. A farm-to-table dinner centers around locally sourced ingredients. The idea is to serve food that comes directly from local farms, without going through stores, markets, or distributors.

Chefs create dishes using fresh, in-season ingredients that are sourced from nearby farms within the community for these meals. Many take place at the source of the food or beverages, such as at farms or vineyards, to provide a unique dining experience. They aim to promote sustainable agriculture and help diners understand and appreciate the process that brings food from the field to their plates.

These events also foster a deeper sense of community by connecting local farmers, chefs, and consumers in a setting that encourages conversation and understanding about where food comes from and how it’s prepared.

An Evening of Food, Wine, and Great Conversation

The evening began with our 27 guests arriving at The Hilltop for a night of delicious, locally sourced food and beverages. Each table was adorned with place cards and predetermined menu selections to allow for an authentic and intimate experience.

Throughout the evening, the pianist, Ned, played beautiful music behind the chatter and laughter throughout the room. Dinner was prepared by Chef Vanessa from Simply Unjunked, served by our team of volunteers, and enjoyed as guests became immersed in the flavors and textures of the meal.

After the main course, Aaron and Jessica Speckhart addressed the group by sharing their connection to autism through their son. Great River Autism Connection (GRAC) board members, Lynnae Glascock and Jacqueline Hildebrand, then shared the important work of GRAC in supporting individuals on the spectrum and their families. We were honored to have them present about the organization’s history and upcoming events, including a mom retreat at Java Jive. The conversation flowed seamlessly, with guests sharing their own experiences and insights.

As the night wound down, Chef Vanessa took a moment to share about Simply Unjunked catering and her passion for creating healthy and delicious meals. Dessert was served to complete a perfect ending to an already unforgettable evening.

We could not have asked for a better, more memorable experience for our first Farm-to-Table Dinner. We were touched by the connections made throughout the evening by strangers sharing the same dining experience. All of us at Pointe D’Vine would like to thank Ned, Simply Unjunked, our staff, and each guest who attended to make this night special.

We hope to see more amazing guests for the next Farm-to-Table Dinner on October 28th. Please feel free to call 217.656.3056 if you’d like more information.