July 31, 2023

In June, Pointe D’vine joined vendors from across the area for three days of summer fun.

The Midsummer Arts Faire, held in Washington Park, brings local vendors and artisans together to showcase their skills, products, and craftsmanship. Being a local winery and vineyard ourselves, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to display our wines and meet face-to-face with our customers. Our locally grown grapes give our wines a unique taste, and we were thrilled to see everyone enjoying them.

Connecting with our community made us even more excited for our new project launch.

After talking with our team and hearing from our customers, we decided to make our wines available online!

Shopping for your favorite local wine has never been easier. We’ve put together a brief overview of our selection and a link to purchase each bottle directly.

P.S. Don’t forget, our Tasting Room is open Friday – Sunday. You’re always welcome to come see us and try before you buy!

7th Generation: Deep cherry color and complex aroma, well-balanced and semi-sweet. Buy here.

Barn Red: Ripe red fruit and earthy aromas, delicate yet complex palette with a long, spicy finish. Dry red wine. Buy here.

Arroyo: Zesty white fruit, acidic, yet refreshingly clean and bright. Dry white wine. Buy here.

Austin Creek: The generous bouquet displays abundant ripe, fruity tones. Semi-sweet wine. Buy here.

Cupola: The little black dress of pink wines! It’s fresh, crisp, semi-dry style. Buy here.

Smash 57: Light-bodied white wine, sweet like moscato, with tropical fruit flavors. Buy here.

No matter which wine you choose, each bottle is packed with a rich flavor and delightful aroma.

Interested in placing an order for a small or large gathering? Not a problem! We can cater to online orders of all sizes. For large orders, we ask that you give us time to put together your bottles for pickup. Orders can be picked up by appointment or during Tasting Room hours.

We look forward to continuing to serve our community with delicious wines, and we can’t wait to see you at our next local event!